Slimmer Kiezen

Slimmer Kiezen

Nowadays, some Dutch politicians are more polarized than others during the elections and their political interests are not always based on their actions. So usually people tend to vote to the most popular and mediatized parties instead of the parties sharing the same political opinions. Instead of basing your vote on what a party portrays themselves as, you should construct your political opinions based on the factual voting pattern and actions of parties or of a particular member which can also be a solution.

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Text Mining algorithms an alternative application to the actual “Stemwijzer” app can be created with some neutral political data that will match people to a party based on their political opinions.

So, our main question is:
‘How can we enable the Dutch population to improve their political alignment by giving them a transparent view on the actions of the political parties and their individual members.’

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