Online February 4th, 2021 09.00 - 17.00h See you next year?
See you next year?


Since the outbreak of the COVID19 virus, people who meet many others are potential super infectants. Examples of such people are waiters in restaurants and terraces, or nurses who distribute meals in hospitals or nursing home. These people have tasks that can be automated by robots which will in turn lower infection rates and unnecessary contact will be avoided.

The goal of our project is to give advice on how to build a low-cost robot which can serve drinks with a capacity of up to 10 drinks to the correct table within the specified region in a bar. Advice will be given on how the same robot can be adapted to fit various environments like a hospital or food delivery. The advice will be backed up by a working prototype and it’s supporting code and user interface.

Robot solutions for social distancing are already on the market, but they are either expensive to purchase or provide limited in functionality.