Thursday 4 February 2021

ICT In Practice - dare the future

What is ICT In Practice

ICT in Practice is the Fontys School of ICT annual networking and community event on applied research within the ICT domain.

IIP offers visitors the opportunity to take a look at research projects and get invoked with and inspired by the people from the Fontys ICT community. Students, lecturers, researchers, (research) consortia and education/industry partners (Partners in Innovation) of Fontys-ICT, demonstrate, research outcomes and share their knowledge. This makes IIP the ideal networking event on ICT practice in the Eindhoven region where insights are shared, results discussed and new projects are initiated.

So, for both Fontys-ICT community insiders and outsiders IIP is the event to match up.

Listen to interesting talks...
See and discuss projects, products, ideas, questions and plans...
Meet professionals...

Research themes

IIP hosts a wide variety of expert speakers and research projects strongly committed to current developments in our society. Six research themes are the result of our focus:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Applied Games
  • Data and Software Services
  • Digital Communities
  • Human Capital
  • Robots

Applied Research

Educating ICT professionals means bringing science into practice which  is reflected in the projects demonstrated at IIP. These projects show how applied research adds value for the industry by transitioning technology from a lower level of Technology Readiness to the higher levels needed to introduce innovations to the market.

Fontys ICT InnovationLab

ICT in Practice takes place at our Fontys ICT InnovationLab; an open innovation lab that offers ample room for applied research, experiments and unexpected combinations that can lead to innovation. The InnovationLab facilitates students, teachers, researchers and our Industry Partners (Partners in Innovation*) to explore and develop talents outside the comfort zone and of a course or discipline.

*For more information please go to: www.sparc-innovation.nl



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