Pharmapartners security
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Pharmapartners security

How can we make the insecure connections to the eHealth servers accessible and secure within the current architecture in the form of a recommendation accompanied by a proof of concept?


For the R&D project, we got a company with the eHealth information concept. An ICT-concept that provides collaborating healthcare workers with integrated care systems and access to reliable (patient) information. In addition, the concept supports communication and collaboration at the local and regional level.

The system is outdated. Unsecured connections allow data to be read out. This makes the data flow unsafe, because malicious parties have the possibility to read out data and possibly manipulate it.

The question from the company: how can a secure connection be established between a client and the server. The intention was to replace the current server solution with an easily accessible solution that does not require any additional client software. This has several challenges due to the client- server architecture of the systems.