Towards Open Recognition: How About Open Badges?

Towards Open Recognition: How About Open Badges?

Primary research question or research objective(s)

What potential value have micro-credentials and open badges for Fontys?

The Open Badge Infrastructure from Mozilla has the potential to make possible different ways of credentialing. In this research, the potential value of this development for Fontys is explored. The following questions were researched:

1. How can the value of micro-credentials be determined and what role do badges play in this?

2. What consequences do these developments have on forms of testing that lead to a micro-credential or on the manner of testing the recognition of micro-credentials?

3. How can these developments be fitted into EVC processes?

4. What expectations are there with regard to micro-credentialing among companies in the region?

This research has been focused on recognition of non-formal learning in a formal (Fontys) context. One of the new promising developments discovered during this study was the concept of open recognition. In this concept, an ecosystem with not only non-formal and formal learning, but also non-formal and formal recognition is studied. First experiments are already being undertaken.