Shared Learning Teams for future learning

Shared Learning Teams for future learning

Primary research question or research objective(s)

The aim of this exploratory research is to gain insight in the characteristics and preconditions for (the success of) a shared learning team, and insight in how talent utilization and open learning can best be stimulated and facilitated.

Fontys hogeschool ICT is working in Innovation Hubs, more and more.

In the Innovation Hubs we see teams emerge in which teachers, students and employees of companies work together on projects. In these teams all participants have the role of both learning and working. We call them: shared learning teams. These shared learning teams are a form of education and can also contribute to the development of the professionals involved: teachers and employees of companies. Talent utilization and development in shared learning teams contributes to the sustainable employability of these professionals. It contributes to life long learning.

In the context of shared learning teams, talent development will mainly take the form of open learning: team members learn when, what, how and with and who they prefer.

The question is how shared learning teams can be designed so that the diversity in the team is optimal used and that cross-system work and learning takes place.

We present the results of this exploratory research and want to discuss the results and the follow-up.

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