Project LAIKA: Learning AI by Knowledge Activation

Project LAIKA: Learning AI by Knowledge Activation

Primary research question or research objective(s)

What tools can we offer students to let them get into contact with AI at an approachable level?

A few large countries and companies invest billions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and see this as their primary focus for the coming years. The strategy of, for example, Google is defined by their CEO as 'AI first'. It is therefore essential that our students also learn to design for and with AI in their education.

However, to develop solutions based on AI, students must be able to switch from algorithmic thinking based on fixed rules to modeling behavior emerging from learning an AI. This will enable students to develop a sense of what is possible and what available technology can achieve. This will ensure that they can use AI practically within their projects. We will demonstrate several simple web based demos of neural networks and reinforcement learning in action.

In this way, we can better prepare students for the current and upcoming technological shifts in society.