Symposium IIP 2019: Demystifying AI

Thursday 21 March 2019 

At Natlab, Strijp Eindhoven

Main theme IIP 2019: Demystifying AI

Artificial Intelligence has become prevalent in today’s big innovations such as context-aware chatbots, speech assistants, self-driving vehicles, auto-diagnose and treatment systems for various diseases, and many more. AI drives the digital transformation by bringing products and services to the market that create meaningful value for customers.

At the 2nd edition of ICT In Practice on 21st of March 2019 you are updated on applications of AI as implemented by our staff, students and Partners in Education. You will learn how to incorporate AI into real world projects using the latest tools and algorithms, and how you can add value to your business with AI.


  • Value creation with AI
    Re-shaping business with AI technology.
  • Embodied AI
    AI applied in robotics and smart IoT applications.
  • Deep learning applications
    Lessons learned from applying neural net algorithms and other machine learning best practices.
  • AI for Good
    Showcases of how technological methods like deep learning and machine learning can be used to make the world a better place.
  • Engineering humanity
    Designing the human-computer interaction with AI. AI related ethical considerations. FACT and FAIR machine learning.

What is ICT In Practice

ICT In Practice is a platform that offers applied research initiatives in the ICT domain and originating from the Fontys School of ICT community, the opportunity to demonstrate insights, share knowledge, discuss results and initiate future and new projects.Furthermore IIP wants to contribute to the knowledge, understanding and vision on applied research.
The annual ICT In Practice symposium provides our community with an inspiring programme of expert talks, relevant projects and products, theme related discussions and the possibility to match with new and existing partner.

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