You have just heard an interesting talk and now want to share with other visitors your thoughts? Join our lively panel discussions about the following topics: TechPhil with Rens van der Vorst, #2023 Open Up with Nick Welman and AI with Eric van Tol.


Discussion leader: Rens v.d. Vorst

In this session we aim to exchange views on how technology really works and impacts our lives, both from the perspective of companies and of (IT)-education. How do we build on our inner social compasses? Do you, as a company (employee), feel responsible? Are educators accountable? What about the students?

#2023 OPEN UP

Discussion leader: Nick Welman

With #2023- OPEN UP Fontys ICT wants to make the step towards a full-fledged knowledge institute. We are openly reaching out to everyone to join us in this ambition. We invite parties from industry and public sector to join us in an open session to discuss how we can work on this ambition with you.

Panel members for this discussion session are Mark de Graaf (centre of expertise Interaction Design), Ad Vissers (director of Fontys ICT), Suzanne van Kuijk (innovation hubs), Huub Prüst (impact on society) and Luciënne Wijgergangs (global acting).

The outcome of this open discussion should be the start of some fruiteful micro-partnerships between various session participants and representatives of the Fontys ICT development task force. We are happy when you leave the session with the prospect of promising follow-up activities.


Discussion leader: Eric van Tol

AI is quickly becoming a deeply public and visible phenomenon on the brink of science fiction. Let us debate in order to reflect on the current and emerging challenges raised by AI.

Will AI automate of the knowledge worker?
Is unbiassed, ethical and privacy aware AI possible?
Will our governments create an AI driven “nanny state”?
If AI is so brilliant, why is it still so little implemented?
Is AI is overhyped and too expensive?
And ask your own questions!

Panellists from with strong backgrounds in AI give their take on these questions. Let's start a lively audience Q&A after a short panel introduction.