Futuring Digital (Open) Learning Content

Futuring Digital (Open) Learning Content

Primary research question or research objective(s)

Fontys wants to speed up ‘different and more flexible’ education. But Fontys has a culture of big general accepted decentral freedom. It ‘s difficult to reach an agreement about standards and (ICT-) solutions. A major issue is that there are different interpretations about the ICT, which can hold the cooperation. For example, we don’t have a common view about the preferred future. This is an issue that blocks the speeding up of the necessary innovation of the education system. The primary research question is:

Is it possible to speed up ‘different and more flexible’ education by:

  • gaining insight in social interactions and patterns (discourses) on behalf of the digital (open) learning materials in particular and
  • bringing together actors around one or more imagined futures and through which actors come helps us to share particular orientations for action, to get a grip on the actual acts of ‘futuring’.

The focus of this research is: Digital (open) learning materials, techniques of futuring, discours analysis.

Learning materials are important for education and cooperation with professional field. On this time, there is a lot of fragmentation on behalf of the availability of digital (open) educational materials.

In this talk, we will present the results of a discourse analysis about digital (open) learning content and reveal the first prototype that will be used during futuring sessions. With students from Fontys Academy of Creative Industries we organize multidisciplinary sessions about this topic with in the end a concrete vision of the desired future.