AI in the education

AI in the education

Primary research question or research objective(s)

The main question of this research is how data science and artificial intelligence can contribute to modern education aimed at identifying and developing talents of students.

TEC4S project: AI in the education: Automated text analysis for assessing, validating of creativity and predicting of fitting study program.

Techniques used in data science and artificial intelligence offer opportunities for realizing flexible and fitting programs for young people and professionals A good matching between people's talents in educational programs and the labour market helps prevent students from dropping out and to speed up the achievement of starting skills in the educational process. Creativity is one of the most important 21-skills which needs attention in these educational process. However the questions such as: what is creativity and how can humans achieve it, strike a complex and broad research field. Therefore, this study focus on the subject of possibilities to indicate the individual differences in the creativity from the cognitive psychology theories with help of artificial intelligence.

Tags: T4S