Five places for AI techies and people people to meet

Five places for AI techies and people people to meet

Forecasts of future trends in psychology show that psychology and technology will become ever more intertwined. In this talk I will present 4 developments illustrating how technical people and psychologists working together can have a positive impact on research and design.

The availability of large volumes of data enables psychologists to study detailed aspects of human behavior in a real-life environment rather than in a controlled lab environment only. For this, smart algorithms looking for patterns and exemptions in the data are required, as well as sophisticated visualization methods.

Technological developments are rapidly changing the kinds of products that are designed an made. At the same time, people have different wished and demands concerning the products and services they use. For instance, experience has become far more important than mere functionality. Together, technological people and psychologists can create more intelligent, pleasurable and personalized products and services and understand how these products impact well-being, inclusion, relationships, etc.

Constant checkers of social media may experience stress, absent presence is annoying, and online misuse and abuse happen regularly. Fortunately there are also positive effects of social media; it helps us keep in touch with friends and family far away, for instance. Technologists and psychologists have a shared responsibility in helping people have a good and healthy relationship with technology.

Evidence-based technological applications can support, enhance or sometimes even replace current medical treatments for mental health disorders, for instance Virtual Reality used for the treatment of anxiety, or mobile apps helping people control or treat their addiction to drugs, alcohol etc. Together, psychologists and technologists can design and develop reliable products supporting both the therapist and the client.

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