About black swans and white ravens

About black swans and white ravens

"Being physically active in an era of low–cost technology generating massive amounts of personal and contextual data"

In the last five to ten years, developments in ICT and sensor technology have resulted in a wide range of application fields such as health related smartphone applications, activity trackers and sports watches. These innovations in smart wearable body sensors have created possibilities for people to become ‘experts’ in self-monitoring of health parameters and physical activity.

One of the game changers in these recent advances in technology is their ability to track behaviors in daily life situations over time, and across a large number of users. The capturing of temporally, behaviorally and ecologically contextualized data from their users generates large datasets. Through data analytics and data visualization (i) interesting patterns can be discovered, (ii) predictions can be made, and (iii) fundamental understanding is raised about behavioral patterns and the influence of individual, social and environmental factors, and systems and services designed to empower people to have an active lifestyle.

In this presentation, these developments will be discussed, and concrete examples of data analytics and visualizations and designed systems and products will be shown to highlight the opportunities that sensor- technology and data offer.