Using cobots for testing of navigation systems

Using cobots for testing of navigation systems

HERE Technologies uses 6 Cobots to test their navigation software on real Navigation systems as used by their automotive OEM customers.

Each Cobot has received a “human” name, like: Dennis, Angela or Eddie, and performs a task which could also be done by a human.

The cobots are becoming part of the department organigram and available resources for planning tools.

Fontys Applied Data Science minor project team 4 has started the investigation how to make the cobots more smart by using AI and ML technologies. The 1st outcome is that using ML can reduce the amount for false positives and false negatives.

It is evident that the current cobots reject positive results, including good ones, based on a very simple if then equation whereas a human would accept the result.

The very difference is that humans can react instantly on very small and sudden changes, whereas a cobot can only reply in OK or Not OK.

The minor project proved that intelligence can be achieved by implementing Reinforcement Learning and recommended to use a 3 stage action program in the robot:

1st : Problem occurrence identification
2nd: Problem definition
3rd: solving the problem.

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