Symposium IIP 2020: In Bots We Trust

Friday 7 February 2020 
At Strijp TQ Innovation Lab, Eindhoven

Main theme IIP 2020: In Bots we Trust

Thank you from Mark de Graaf

"I would like to thank you for participating in IIP2020.

In addition to a symposium with interesting speakers, ICT in Practice 2020 has mainly been an event of meeting with our ICT partner companies and civil society organizations with innovation issues. They have discussed with us and each other how to innovate together. Our young and less young talents were fully involved, who show in our education and research what future ICT enables.

We look forward to seeing you at ICT in Practice 2021. It will show what happened to all those seeds that have been planted. Once again the meeting will be central.

The Corona crisis, with all the sorrow and sorrow it entails, has also shown us how valuable ICT solutions can be for our society. All kinds of communication and services have accelerated enormously.

A large part of society appears to be able to continue operating virtually. Bottlenecks and shortcomings in our systems have sometimes become painfully clear.

There are great challenges for Fontys School of ICT to tackle with its partners.

Corona also makes us the more aware of how valuable real meeting is, and makes us appreciate your presence at IiP even more in retrospect."

Mark de Graaf - Organizing professor IIP 2020

What is ICT In Practice

ICT In Practice is a platform that offers applied research initiatives in the ICT domain and originating from the Fontys School of ICT community, the opportunity to demonstrate insights, share knowledge, discuss results and initiate future and new projects.Furthermore IIP wants to contribute to the knowledge, understanding and vision on applied research.
The annual ICT In Practice symposium provides our community with an inspiring programme of expert talks, relevant projects and products, theme related discussions and the possibility to match with new and existing partner.

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