Let’s talk about griefbots

Let’s talk about griefbots

Do you want your loved ones to live forever? Well, maybe soon this will be possible. Sort of.

More and more we sent apps, use social media, listen to music, watch series and leave an impressive data trail. What if we could use that data to create a chatbot? A chatbot that lives on after someone had died. A griefbot.

Some prototypes are already on the market.

Do you think this is creepy? Or do you think it is a good idea? Should it be banned? Or stimulated? What is the impact on society? How should it be designed? For who?

Fontys is researching a Technology Impacting Cycle Tool to help you answer these questions and many more. The tool provides you with an awareness framework that helps you to ask and answer the right questions.

In this talk we will use the example of the Griefbot to show you how using this tool helps you to improve your thinking about the impact of technology.

The tool is already operational in beta, so after the talk the audience can start working with the tool themselves.