NPC Tools for Timebenders

NPC Tools for Timebenders

Short description

Toolset for developing an NPC specifically designed for the game Timebenders using aspects of BDI and Utility AI.

During my graduation internship I made a toolset for the game Timebenders which allows developers to create NPCs for that game. This was quite challenging since the game has a destructible environment and the time of the game can be manipulated, meaning that everything in the world can be rewind.

The first thing I solved was navigation across a destructible environment using the Unity NavMeshComponents system. By using a NavMesh and generating links between parts of the NavMesh on the environment where destruction occurred I can let the NPC traverse through a destructible environment.

After implementing the navigational aspect of the NPC I designed an AI specifically for Timebenders which combines aspects from Utility AI and BDI. This AI allows developers to create NPCs for Timebenders specific scenarios. The base of the AI is build upon BDI, which means that this AI implementation also has beliefs, desires and intentions. However the decision making aspect for which intention gets executed has more things in common with Utility AI. By using the beliefs, desires and intentions aspect of BDI developers can easily expand or create new NPCs.

With this product I delivered a toolset which Timebenders developers can use for developing NPCs.

Tags: HTA