High Tech ICT Award

High Tech ICT Award

FHICT student projects that exhibit or demonstrated their projects at the ICT In Practice symposium, participate in the High Tech ICT Award contest. A professional jury assesses the projects and award a prize with a total value of € 500. The award is made possible by the Centre of Expertise HTSM, which aims to stimulate cooperation between industry and higher education and Life Long Learning for staff of industry.

Prize criteria

Inspired by the T shaped professional that –“ are characterized by their deep disciplinary knowledge in at least one area, an understanding of systems, and their ability to function as “adaptive innovators” and cross the boundaries between disciplines.” student projects will be assessed on two dimensions:

Horizontal - Application
Design oriented research projects address complex problems and challenges that are defined by a context (such as stakeholders and/or user groups). Design oriented research should lead to relevant knowledge which is used to create innovative professional products and outcomes that address this problem/challenge.

The horizontal dimension stands for the impact and results of the student’s research project related to the problem or challenge. Therefor it can be assessed by answering the question: to what extend do the outcomes (products and knowledge) address the project’s problem/challenge?

Vertical - Professionalism
The second dimension addresses the professionalism of the research project/product. This includes both the methodology of the project as well as the ICT domain specific quality aspects and standards. This dimension can be assessed by answering the question: to what extend do the project outcomes and does the project’s process meet professional standards and is it an example of professional excellence?

Three steps to participate in the High Tech ICT Award

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