Workshop: Robot Challenge Xebia

Workshop: Robot Challenge Xebia

IIP offers you the unique possibility to participate in the Robot Challenge workshop on robot testing offered by Xebia. Read more about the workshop below and sign up using the registration form on the right.

Behavior Driven Testing of Robots


Testing of robots can be a lot of fun. But how can you test robots methodically? 
With the help of unit and integration tests we can validate the behavior and logic of robots. However the operational aspects of the robot’s code only becomes clear when the robot is executing a complete or complex task such as driving a specific course. What does this mean for the method of testing?

In this workshop we specify, build and test different functionalities of robots. We do this in several competitive teams. The team that successfully builds and tests all functionalities and is the fastest on the course wins the Robot Challenge!

Covered techniques

  • Specification by Example
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD/BDD)
  • CucumberJS
  • JavaScript

Learning objectives

As a workshop participant you will learn about the development and testing of modern JavaScript applications; in this case applied to a robot. The knowledge and experience provided during this workshop can be used more widely, since techniques such as "specification by example" and tools such as CucumberJS are also used to improve quality of software in general.


Aproximately 3.5 to 4 hours, from 15:00 till about 19:00. The workshop will start at the same time as the symposium and ends at the start of the informal matchmaking drinks at the Natlab Café.


English or Dutch


For this workshop it is required to have some development expericience! 
Bring your own laptop with you if possible.