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Human Capital

In the current knowledge society, continuous development is necessary for professionals to keep on track. To support activities in this area, two tools are topic of experiments and research at FHICT:

Topic 1: Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER are digital learning materials, free accessible and adaptable. Basically, this offers knowledge creators the opportunity to share their knowledge in learning modules, easily accessible for professionals. Research in FHICT focuses on teachers as continuous learning professionals, but the findings can be widened to other groups of professionals (e.g. HR employees in companies). Research topics are:

  • How can teachers be stimulated to actually share their learning materials?

  • How can teachers be stimulated to actually reuse the shared learning materials?

  • How can current tooling for support on sharing and reuse be improved by innovative technology?

Topic 2: Open badges

An open badge is a digital indicator to visually show an achievement, is available online and contains information - metadata - about the context, meaning, issuer, process and result of an (learning) activity. It offers professionals a tool to show their knowledge and skills with evidence, validated by peers or recognized experts (e.g. from an educational institution). Research in FHICT has just started and has currently the following results on which future activities should be planned:

  • A vision document on open badges for FHICT. The methodology presented this document can be used for other contexts as well.

  • Experiences with practical implementation of open badges in the study program of FHICT. Ultimately, achievements for the program of FHICT should be made visible in open badges.

Discussion leader

Robert Schuwer Lector Open Educational Resources Fontys school of ICT
Robert Schuwer