Digital Communities

We live in fascinating times. The scale and complexity of the challenges our society is facing - think of climate change, inclusion, globalisation - is unprecedented. So are the available resources, in humans, knowledge and technology of all kinds.

Key to the future is our ability to bring together the right resources in innovative ways and to enable the creation of sustainable solutions to the challenges we are confronted with.

This holds on many levels of society. Whether we want to find a way out of the global climate change crisis or we want to create agile networks in companies or neighbourhoods that are fit for the ever changing world around us, we need vibrant communities in which people can take agency when the opportunity rises.

The Digital Communities research theme aims to:

  • develop knowledge on building hybrid communities in which human and artificial agents coexist and cooperate

  • develop tools and methods facilitating the emergence and continuity of these

  • develop tools to strengthen the agency of individual members

  • build digital communities

Discussion leader

Mark de Graaf Lector Interaction Design Fontys school of ICT
Mark de Graaf