Artificial Intelligence

Game changer that transforms the business landscape and society

AI is a game changer. It is defined as intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence as displayed by humans. This technology changes the way we work and live in a fundamental way.

Our proposition is that today’s data-driven AI is not magic anymore. Open-source tools and robust proven algorithms (such as neural networks) are available for everyone. However:

  • It requires an extended set of engineering skills – that go beyond traditional rule-based software development – to build robust and maintainable AI applications.
  • It requires wisdom to apply this technology in a humane, explainable and fair way. For instance, bias in datasets can easily generate discriminatory patterns; the inherent complexity of the algorithms hampers transparency in the AI’s decision making.

The AI research theme aims to:

  • Develop tools and methods for engineering high-quality production-ready AI applications
  • Create a practical AI ethics framework
  • Build AI applications for people, planet and prosperity
  • Develop knowledge on crowd sourcing and smart labelling techniques
  • Explore (together with academic partners) the next generation AI that is: 1) situational aware, 2) exhibits causality, and 3) can act in unconstrained real-world situations.

Discussion leader

Gerard Schouten Lector Big Data Fontys school of ICT
Gerard Schouten