Applied Games

for Human Performance Technology

Games create a fascinating playground for exploration, simulation and innovation. Technology creates an increasingly complex world to live in, with services that anticipate our behaviour, machines that blend into our work-routines and systems where cause and effect are distant entities. We research how we can address that complexity with playful solutions.

Key to optimal human performance is our ability to relate to new technology, feel competent to use it and experience a sense of autonomy in doing so. Whether we want to explore complex interventions in a city, experience future scenario’s of working with e-mental health or we want to come up with a way to train first responders with experiencing stress in emotionally charged situations. By implementing playful techniques people feel empowered to engage with the technological challenges of tomorrow.

The Digital Communities research theme aims to:

  • develop knowledge on building hybrid communities in which human and artificial agents coexist and cooperate
  • develop tools and methods facilitating the emergence and continuity of these
  • develop tools to strengthen the agency of individual members
  • build digital communities